About us

The Chance for Children Founadtion (CFCF) has been fighting for equal rights in education for Romani and marginalized children, focusing on school desegregation, since it was founded in 2004. Romani and socially disadvantaged children in Hungary are often taught in ethnically segregated schools, which are, as a rule, of lower quality. Even though segregation is forbidden by Hungarian law, de facto segregation does occur in Hungarian primary schools either due to housing segregation or the intentional action of schools and majority, middle class parents. Wherever it is possible, CFCF has fought for the integration of schools (that is, in towns and cities) so that poor and Romani children would get equal and quality education. CFCF has used various means to fulfil its mission; we have used the law as a tool to guarantee the rights of Romani and poor children in education (strategic litigation) and we have also done various community actions to further our goal of desegregation in schools.